Visit Our Vineyard

Tasting Room Hours

Saturdays & Sundays 12-5pm

Bring a picnic, take a walk through the vineyard, and taste our quality wines. No reservations are necessary to taste.  Tastings are on a first come first serve basis.

Vineyard Policies

If you are a party of 8 -10 guests please call ahead.

No children under the age of 21 will be allowed

No dogs or other pets are allowed

No smoking or vaping is allowed on grounds

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Live in the vineyard 2023 schedule

    July 23, Sunday – Steve Malic

    August 20 Sunday – Lainey Dionne

    October 1 Sunday – Amanda Ray


    Weather Permitting



    Plan ahead for transportation! We have a beautiful location, but unfortunately not an Uber/Lyft friendly pick-up location as it takes them some time to get to our location.  Please place accordingly with our hours of operation.


    Absolutely NO alcoholic beverages are allowed…on the vineyard grounds OTHER THAN wine from our vineyard.  This is a legal requirement that applies to “bonded facilities” (wineries) and your entire group will be asked to leave if even one person violates this rule, so please comply. Public intoxication is unlawful, regardless of whether you have a designated driver or are in a limo/bus/shuttle. If a group arrives, and our staff determines that anyone in that group is intoxicated, that group will be asked to leave. This policy also applies to individuals arriving in private cars. It is against the law to serve or sell alcohol to an intoxicated person. Winery servers cannot serve anyone they suspect is over or near the “legal limit” of alcohol.  It is a judgment call and the winery management will support our TIPS certified employees.  If you are advised that you cannot be served, please do not argue with our staff. Additionally, wineries, by law, can refuse service to the entire group if ONE person is considered “over the limit” of alcohol.

  • Can I bring dogs or other pets?

    Please NO DOGS…read on…

    In the past, we have allowed our guests to bring their dogs to the winery, on leash, outside only. We never allowed dogs inside the tasting room (except for service dogs). However, our insurance company will no longer allow us to continue this policy due to liability. Your dog may be the best trained and behaved, but there is no guarantee that all visiting dogs would be that well trained and we would hate to have dogs barking at each other, get into a fight or bite someone.

    In addition, we have had several incidents of people NOT picking up after their dogs, which is not cool for anyone.

    We hope that you understand our new policy, and that our winery dogs, Bodie and Z are the only dogs allowed on the property. You may keep your dog inside the car, but you will no longer be able to walk them on the property or sit on the pergola with them.

  • Is there a photography policy?

    Photography on our estate vineyard is allowed as long as you adhere with our below photo policy.

    • Photography must be scheduled in advance.
    • Photography groups should not exceed 4 people (including the photographer).
    • A purchase of a tasting, a bottle, or glass of wine is required.
    • Please be considerate to our other guests that are enjoying our grounds.
    • You will have access to our grounds and vineyard.
    • Kindly leave the grounds promptly when we close our tasting room.
    • Drones are not allowed on our property.
    • No pets allowed on the grounds
  • Rules of Engagement for Bachelorette Parties

    All Bachelorette Parties must call ahead prior to arrival.

    • Bachelorette Parties will be served on a first come first serve basis. No priority service will be given over our regular guests.
    • Arrive sober, no “pregaming”, no exceptions – Nickle Creek is your first stop.
  • Bus, Limo, and Other Transportation Policy

    Guests arriving by limo, bus, or other forms of group transportation are welcome. However, due to limited parking, they cannot park on site. In order to accommodate you and your guests in the best manner possible, we ask for at least 48 hours prior notification before your planned arrival.

    Any limousine, bus company, or other form of hired transportation must agree to the following guidelines:

    • Prior arrangements will be made for any large party you bring to the property.
    • You agree to notify us in advance if the time of your planned arrival changes.
    • Our responsible service of alcohol agreement prohibits hard alcohol on site. Please refrain from bringing it onto our property.
    • If you allow guests to drink alcohol in your vehicle en route, please refrain from visiting our property.
    • You will not bring intoxicated guests onto our property. We have the right to refuse service to anyone we deem intoxicated upon arrival.
    • You agree to take immediate action to remove poorly behaved guests from our property.
    • We are on a first-come, first-served basis. We do not take reservations.