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Please read and be mindful of the Vineyard’s policies when visiting.

Visiting dogs

Please no dogs…read on…

In the past, we have allowed our guests to bring their dogs to the winery, on leash, outside only.  We never allowed dogs inside the tasting room (except for service dogs).  However, our insurance company will no longer allow us to continue this policy due to liability.  Your dog may be the best trained and behaved, but there is no guarantee that all visiting dogs would be that well trained and we would hate to have dogs barking at each other, get into a fight or bite someone.

In addition, we have had several incidents of people NOT picking up after their dogs, which is not cool for anyone.

We hope that you understand our new policy, and that our winery dogs, Bodie and Z are the only dogs allowed on the property.  You may keep your dog inside the car, but you will no longer be able to walk them on the property or sit on the pergola with them.

Thank you for your understanding,

Steven & Sheri

Please remember that wineries are an adult destination. Our tasting room is full of gift items and bottles of wine. We ask that children not be allowed to run inside for their safety. If your children are crying or yelling loudly, please be considerate of our other guests and bring them outside until they calm down.

When you visit the vineyard, it is a great opportunity to show your children the vineyard and grapes (please don’t eat them, we need them for the wine!) and talk about where our food (in this case, wine) comes from.


Rules of Engagement for Bachelorette Parties:

All Bachelorette Parties must call ahead prior to arrival.

Bachelorette Parties will be served on a first come first serve basis. No priority service will be given over our regular guests.

Arrive sober, no “pregaming”, no exceptions – Nickle Creek is your first stop.

Scheduling a private tasting for your party is always the best option for your guests.

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