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Select CRU

Be a part of the Select Cru!

Three times per year (May, August & November) you will receive four bottles of wine the we select for you (no substitutions)

A free glass of wine for you and a guest during normal business hours.

(No complimentary glasses of wine during events, 1 per visit)

10% Discount on all additional wine bottle purchases

15% Discount on all additional Case purchases

Member purchases will automatically be charged between $65 and $90. Your Credit card will be on file and the club member will need to call to cancel prior to charges.

Membership benefits

  • Nickle Creek Vineyard offers a wine club for a variety of wine aficionado’s.

Wine club benefits include:

  • 10% discount off 1- 11 bottles
  • 15% discount off case purchases (mix and match to build your case)
  • Glass of wine for you and a guest

No membership fee to join! Wine club is charged to your credit card at the beginning of the month, Your wine club membership will automatically renew annually. please update credit card information on file.

Terms & Conditions

Membership Contract Communication: I understand that Nickle Creek Vineyard communicates with wine club members mainly through email notification therefore it is necessary for me to monitor and assure that I am receiving emails regarding wine club pickup dates. ____ initials

Cancellation Policy: I understand that after three pickups, I may cancel my membership with a written 30-day notice via email or US Post. I understand that my credit card will be charged per pick up. I agree to notify Nickle Creek Vineyard of changes in my address, telephone, email, and/or credit card number no later than the last day prior to the month of the scheduled pickup. ____ initials

Pick-Ups: If a member has notified the Wine Club Director that he/she will be picking up at the winery and fails to do so within 60 days from club notification date and has not contacted the Wine Club Director, your club selection may be subjected to alternate varietals, which may not be of equal value. ____ initials

We do not ship wine.

If you agree to the terms above, please proceed to membership application

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